The publication of this project is composed of two parts:

=> In AudioXpress June 2016 is published the practical part.

=> In Linear Audio will be published the theoretical part on september 2016.

On my website I will also present a power amplifier using the described power supply. This is also a personnal project power amplifier, an evolution of a power amplifier I have published in "Electronique pratique" by the past.

Doing the coil yourself:

Here you may find a video that shows how easy it is to do it yourself:

The coil former is an EPCOS PM62. You can buy it on Farnell's website. (I don't know about other providers)

Here is the datasheet (you don't need to buy the core): 

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Final result
Genesis of this project (since 2008)

This project is a rather long run project. First I tried to design and build a sine wave absorption power supply just to learn by myself. First I did a laboratory power supply. Second I thought a lighter version of it could be great for power amplifiers. Then I had to clarify the theoretical aspect for the part to be published on september in Linear Audio.
Above you can see an earlier version of my power supply for power amplifier. Since that version, an effort has been made on integration of components in order to get the project easier to reproduce.